Coming Soon Is Drake & Dave East New CollaborationComing Soon Is Drake & Dave East New Collaboration

Drake and Dave East are attaching on another track!

Dave East is a man who has been making waves in the hip-bounce group so far in 2017 and, in light of his up and coming teammates, that hot streak isn’t going to cool at any point in the near future.

The emcee has officially gotten help shape any semblance of Nas and Pusha T while likewise dropping some burning hot solo tracks, including his latest one called “Bipolar.” The NYC local has been making a special effort with regards to his exhibitions, both out and about and in the studio, and that hard has paid off bigly in view of his most recent co-sign: Drake.

In a current meeting with XXL, the Harlem local uncovered he and Drizzy have some new music dropping soon. While he admitted that setting up an opportunity to assemble their abilities on a record has been testing in light of the bustling idea of their timetables, East advised fans not to stress, on the grounds that there will be something in store for them soon. “We unquestionably got some music in transit,” the rapper said. Dave rushed to applaud Drake also, saying that the Canadian-conceived genius has indicated him “only love” and called him “rational” too. “Me being in my path, and what I’ve been doing, that is a win. It’s simply dope that he regards what I’m doing. I regard what he’s doing,” East proceeded.

For a man who just dropped his initially venture for Def Jam in August, titled Paranoia: A True Story, East is hoping to expand on the accomplishment of that EP pushing ahead with higher-profile includes on his next couple of singles or potentially a performance venture. At the point when gotten some information about Paranoia, Dave clarified that that the title originates from the vulnerability of his future in music. “I’ve gotten to a bring up I’m out the hood, I’m not destitute consistently,” he stated, “I can pick what I need to eat, you know what I’m stating? I’m living how I longed for living now, so now it resembles the dread of the obscure. I don’t have the foggiest idea about what will accompany this now, you get what I’m stating?”

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Coming Soon Is Drake & Dave East New Collaboration
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