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Famous Dex gets wavy in his most recent video.

Famous Dex has had a quite strong run for this present year generally. He’s been enduring dropping music reliably and has had a considerable measure of talk encompassing his name. Today, he drops his new video for his tune “I’m High.”

Popular Dex is known for his medication utilize and has never been modest about it in his past. He’s always making references to lean, xanax, percs and practically whatever else that falls in that classification. This video features all that he cherishes in getting high. “I’m High” is a smooth melody that has Famous Dex getting his singing on. It’s a fascinating melody as in he draws you into the high and depicts his sentiments well. With the auto-tune bound vocals, you get further into his high with him.

The video has Famous Dex smoking and drinking around evening time with his shorty, flexing his medications and his medication use. He’s seen all through the video, popping pills, tasting lean and smoking. In all trustworthiness, he looks so high in the video it’s entirely astounding at how utilitarian he is by then. The normal individual would likely not have the capacity to move with that numerous substances in him be that as it may, Famous Dex still figured out how to make a strong video.

The video was coordinated by @LewisYouNasty. He’s done a ton of work for Famous Dex in the past and it appears in this video that both Dex and Lewis have an incredible working relationship. Lewis makes an extraordinary showing with regards to with catching Famous Dex’s mystique. He additionally makes an excellent showing with regards to with the post-alters. The greater part of the shading changes and the activity truly draws out the tune itself. The melody isn’t mind boggling nor is the video, nor did they should be. Lewis takes the vibe that Dex made on the tune and breathed life into it with the video.

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