R. Kelly Tease New Music With Ill-Advised TweetR. Kelly Tease New Music With Ill-Advised Tweet

R. Kelly may require another web-based social networking blueprint.

Disregard being caught in the storage room – R. Kelly is by all accounts caught in an endless PR s**tstorm.

At this point, a great many people will be comfortable with his continuous sex religion outrage, which started with the attestation that he was holding underage young ladies hostage and showing sexually degenerate conduct all the while. General society clamor and progressively aggravating affirmations from sources in the media have prompted his tickets deals diving while he’s as of now amidst a visit, also transforming him into a national punchline where the hip-jump group is concerned. Improves from here for Kellz? Tragically, it might have become more regrettable.

Toward the beginning of today, a tweet that was intended to prod another up and coming track from Kelly was distributed by means of the online networking stage. Typically, this would be fine and dandy – even notwithstanding such an outrage, he may have possessed the capacity to redirect a portion of the negative consideration far from his not as much as fair movement (none of which has been demonstrated in an official courtroom by a prosecutor starting at yet). Be that as it may, a poor decision of wording has made the Internet utilize the vocalist as a handling sham by and by. See with your own eyes beneath, through a screencap taken from a Complex report:

I’m not exactly beyond any doubt how this one got lost in an outright flood with whomever manages Kelly’s quality on the web, however this would be delegated a somewhat appalling mistake. Obviously, Twitter clients squandered no time giving the points a chance to fly in what was a whirlwind of computerized funniness.


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R. Kelly Tease New Music With Ill-Advised Tweet
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