Report Chicago Rapper Payroll Has Passed AwayReport: Chicago Rapper Payroll Has Passed Away

Chicago veteran Payroll has purportedly passed away.

As indicated by FakeShoreDrive and reports that they’re accepting, veteran Chicago rapper Payroll has passed away. Subtle elements on his passing are obscure at this house, yet sources near the rapper disclosed to FSD that he was killed.

In case you’re new, Payroll rose to acclaim in the Chicagoland region in the late 90’s and into the 2000’s, the place he and his 40 Gang team got reputation. He had teamed up with a large number of Chicago’s veterans and legends, including any semblance of EC Illa, Bump J, Cap 1, and Triple Darkness to give some examples. Be that as it may, his most reported minute might’ve originated from his issue with another Chicago rapper named Kanye West. Evidently, Kanye stole Payroll’s instrumental and snare on his record “Never Change,” and offered it to Jay Z who utilized it on his Blue Print collection. The occurrence later made Payroll make a diss record went for Kanye, essentially called “Fuck Kanye West.”

“Kanye is a fucking nerd, fuck what you sold the beat/Don’t know the business nigga, however I know the avenues/Ear to the control I heard some hypothesis/I know the roads been shoppin’ and quietly holding up,” he rapped. “Before beats for Jigga you was a ho nigga, runnin’ with hard workers” he later included. (Hear the full diss record underneath)

While insights about his passing remain somewhat rare at the hour, we’ll make sure to refresh you with encourage data once it end up noticeably accessible. Meanwhile, return to some of his records (underneath) and also a few tweets from kindred fans and associates.

Our sympathies go out to Payroll’s family and companions amid this troublesome time. R.I.P.

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Report: Chicago Rapper Payroll Has Passed Away
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