XXXTENTACION makes a big appearance another tune in his video for “Look At Me!”

“Look At Me” has been a portraying song of 2017. It amazed the Internet all through mid 2017 and was a noteworthy power in driving XXXTENTACION’s occupation while he was kept. While he starting late dropped his extraordinarily anticipated gathering 17 in late August, he comes back to drop the video for “Look At Me!” The title of the video is clickbait, FYI. As it starts off with the noticeable X song, it quickly takes a honest to goodness turn where he ends up taking care of a fundamentally greater societal point on an unheard tune.

The tune itself grabbed reputation because of the truly insane and empowered verses that X spits on it. X takes the tone of the song and makes a translation of it into a perfect video that starts off comparably over the top. X is seen expecting control over a classroom before inciting a swarm inside it and over the long haul pounding the instructor out with a dildo (lol). Regardless, while that bit of the video covers not as much as the key verse of the tune, X flips the video into appearing a crisp out of the plastic new tune with a viable message behind it.

You may have reviewed when XXXTENTACION posted a video on Instagram of his body hanging off a tree. While it was seen by various as a ploy to propel his gathering, he later revealed that it was a bit of a music video he was shooting. The shot of him hanging off the tree agrees with the subject of the second bit of the video. While he hangs, the official crosses certifiable film of Philando Castille, Rodney King and Heather Hayes with re-made scenes of the violence they fell setback. He uses a little dim child and a little dim child as the purpose of meeting of the second half, pushing the message of adjust among all races. Prior to the complete of the video, he goes on a monolog watching out for racial correspondence in America and comprehensive.

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